The Risks of Ignoring Depression in One Who Relies on Senior Care near Sharpsville PA!

“ A Daughter noticing changes in her mother’s mood near Sharpsville PA”

Janice had been widowed for more than ten years when she began to have some trouble getting around the house.  Her daughter, Melanie, had kept urging her to consider moving into an assisted living community, but she wouldn’t even think about it; she wanted to spend the “rest of my days in the home I shared with your father.”  She didn’t think she would ever need any type of senior care until a few months ago.Senior Care Sharpsville PA

At first, she tried to ignore the small, subtle issues that were causing her difficulty.  Then she couldn’t anymore, especially when she slipped trying to get out of bed one morning.  She knew that she was lucky nothing broke, and that’s when she decided that senior home services were essential for her.

She talked to Melanie and together they found a couple of senior care referral services that pointed them in the right direction of caregivers and agencies in the area.  Within two weeks, Janice had a caregiver coming to her home on a regular basis.

It made a difference, but the more that she relied on senior care services, the more she seemed to do less for herself.  This slowly led to a feeling of depression that began to sweep over her.  It was difficult for Janice to think about losing her ability to care for herself.  She lost the ability to drive more than five years earlier, and that was difficult to manage.  Now she felt as though she was quickly sliding down a slope that would soon lead to nursing home care, and then the end.

Janice began to feel depressed.  She didn’t want to go out to the stores, or to go to the senior center, which was something that she regularly did, especially to meet up with friends.  When Melanie called to check on her, Janice didn’t say much.

Melanie thought that something was ‘off’ with her mother, but she didn’t have much time to deal with the situation.  She figured that since senior care services were caring for her mother that they would be on top of any potential problems.  However, the senior care provider didn’t have a long history with Janice, so she didn’t notice the signs of depression that were building, and had been building since before she even started working for Janice.

If you notice any change in behavior or demeanor in your loved one relying on senior care, it could be depression, and that’s something you want to deal with head on.

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