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Bedsores are caused from prolonged pressure of the skin in contact with a bed or a wheelchair. Bedsores, also called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers, are very painful and the healing process is long.  Unfortunately, bedsores may also be the forerunner of life threatening complications like bone and skin infections.  There are four stages of bedsores to keep an eye out for so as to try to prevent the next stage from happening.Home Care Services Wilmington PA

The four stages are:

  • Stage 1- is a red area of skin that may itch and hurt.  It’s persistent and it may feel spongy or warm when touched; it can also feel hard.  In skin, which is darker, the patch may be blue or purple.  It can also appear flakey or ashen.  At this stage, the wound will disappear if pressure is relieved.
  • Stage 2- bedsores mean the skin is already at a comprised stage.  The sore is open and looks like a blister or an abrasion.  The area surrounding the wound could be discolored. With prompt treatment, and if the person is in good health and doesn’t have diabetes or is paralyzed, the sore will heal quickly.
  • Stage 3 – the ulcer has gone down through all the layers of skin to the muscle.  The wound appears deep, like a crater, and the tissue is permanently destroyed.  These bedsores are very painful and treatment is difficult and the healing process is slow.
  • Stage 5- bedsores are the most advanced and the most serious stage.  The bedsore will destroy muscle, the bone and even joints and tendons.  Unfortunately, this type of bedsore is most often lethal. 

There are things you can do to prevent bedsores from occurring.  You can reposition the person at least every two hours, if he or she is in a bed; or if in a wheelchair, every 30 minutes.  This can cause its own problems though because of having to wake the person up every 2 hours to move them.  Plus, if he or she is in a nursing home, the challenge to move a patient that often may be difficult.  Home care services would be able to provide the care in the home, but the helper would still be waking up the patient very frequently.

There are special beds, pillows, and mattresses that can be used to help to prevent bedsores. The different options may include foam, gel, air or water; and the bed can be automatically or manually readjusted on a schedule to help prevent the bedsores.

Also if the patient is in the proper position, bedsores can be minimized.  Do not place the patient directly on his or her hipbones and use a foam pad or pillow to support the legs correctly.  Don’t raise the head more than 30 degrees and if the person needs to sit up, use pillows or foam wedges for support.

Having a well-trained nurse’s aide may be the best defense against bedsores.  He or she knows what to look for and how to treat them.  A nurse knows best how to clean and treat the wounds properly.  The best thing to keep in mind is that prevention is still the best form of treatment.

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