Being a Caregiver in Grove City PA for a Loved One with Dementia


You’ve decided to take on the important role of being a caregiver for a loved one who is dealing with dementia.  Do you know what your responsibilities are going to be?  Do you understand what dementia is?  If not, then you need to learn because providing home care for a person with dementia is different than providing home care for an elderly individual who is simply having trouble getting around the home.Caregiver Grove City PA

Dementia is a general term that encompasses a wide range of issues that can affect one’s daily life, and it’s about their mental ability.  If your father, for example, is having trouble remembering where he put things, or to take his medication, and he is beginning to confuse some of the things from his past with things that happened recently, then he would likely be categorized as having some form of dementia.  When he can no longer dress himself, or manage his personal  care, then this is when it becomes a significant problem.

Home care providers who are experienced in working with patients with dementia will often approach this level of care differently.  They will likely focus on learning about the individual’s normal habits and routines.  From there, they won’t try to change them or develop new routines, unless their old ones become potentially dangerous.

It’s important to ensure that your loved one follows a routine.  This makes each day more predictable, especially when they are having trouble remembering things that they might have done the day before.  The more often and the more consistently that your loved one does something, the better it will be for them overall.

Don’t try to find new, and interesting things to do with your loved one while you’re his or her caregiver.  You may worry that they are bored, but you want to keep things consistent.  If they are having a good day and they seem sharp, then you can try to introduce something new, as long as you don’t try to make it part of their routine because they might not remember it the next day.

Also, practice patience and restraint.  You may notice that your mother is struggling to get dressed and ready in the morning, but as long as she is capable of doing it on her own, don’t offer assistance.  By offering assistance, you could be inadvertently causing her to recognize the challenges that she’s facing.  Step back and be patient.

Being a caregiver for a loved one with dementia can be challenging.  If you find that it’s too much for you, hire a professional in home care provider with experience working with dementia patients.  The care your loved one receives is what matters most at a time like this.

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