Community Gardening for Fun and Health Benefits

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Does your loved one enjoy gardening, but not have enough space in which to do it? Or maybe they live in an apartment where there is no real yard to speak of. That doesn’t mean they still can’t Caregiver-in-Sharpsville-PAreap the benefits and rewards of gardening for themselves.

There are communities all over the United States that have community gardens in which local citizens—either collectively or individually—can have “ownership” of a small section. And the gardens can be either on public or private land. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, community gardens are “collaborative projects on shared open spaces where participants share in the maintenance and products of the garden, including healthful and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.” But some gardens can be strictly for the planting of flowers and the like. Restoration of natural areas and native plant gardens are also popular for some community gardens, while other gardens can have a variety of planting elements such as small orchards, herbs and even butterfly gardens.

As the family caregiver for a loved one, if they want to work on a garden project—whether with someone or alone—you may want to suggest that a community garden may be a wonderful opportunity for them. It would give them the chance to enjoy their hobby or favorite pastime, while enjoying the outdoors and fresh air. But community gardening also provides several other benefits, both physical and mental:

  • They can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers and plants; or grow and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, thereby being healthier.
  • They can improve their social connections by developing relationships with other gardeners in the area.
  • They can engage in a physical activity that is relatively low- to no-impact on their body and its joints. And if they do have limitations there are places that sell gardening tools and equipment that help make the work easier.
  • They will be participating in creating green space, while at the same time, potentially beautifying vacant lots. Community gardens can also revitalize certain industrial areas, and revive and beautify public park land, provided the municipality allows a garden project to be established in a park area.
  • In areas where some community gardens have been established, there has been a decrease in violence or other crime-related activity.

In order to find out if there are any community gardens in your area, you can contact your local municipality or university extension office, if you have one, and they should be able to help you locate something nearby. They can also tell you if there is any kind of fee associated with having a section of land for a garden and if there are any restrictions on what can be planted there. You can also locate the closest gardens to you by visiting the web site for the American Community Garden Association, listed below.

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