Making the Caregiver Connection in Wilmington, PA: Mobile Devices for Seniors

We live in a world of technology. This technology has made many things about life easier, more accessible and more convenient. One way which this is particularly evident is in the field of communication. People are now more able to connect with others than ever before, which is allowing your friends and family members to remain closer and more involved in each other’s lives that was previously possible. If you are a caregiver for an aging loved one, this type of communication can make your role easier and less stressful, while also helping to provide your aging loved one with an added sense of independence and freedom. One of the most meaningful and impactful ways that you can create connections and communication capability is by providing your aging loved one with a mobile device.

Caregiver in Wilmington, PAThere are many mobile devices that are specifically designed for seniors. While many seniors are extremely up-to-date with advancements in technology and are capable of learning and understanding the new technologies, many are highly resistant to these advances and would rather have the simplest and most approachable form of communication technology available. Mobile devices for seniors are designed with this in mind. These mobile devices are larger than other cell phones, and designed with larger buttons so that they can easily be seen and manipulated. Some of these mobile devices are even designed with just a few buttons that can be programmed to connect to specific people, as well as an emergency services button. This means that your aging loved one does not need to remember phone numbers or even really know how to use the phone. As long as he can remember which to push to call you, you are always connected.

If your aging loved one is receptive to learning more about the advanced forms of mobile technology available you can open up his world even more. Purchasing him a mobile device that allows him to make and receive calls from friends and family and even use the internet will give your aging loved one greater freedom and greater security. You will feel better knowing that he can call you or others if he needs anything and the added benefit of GPS capability means if an emergency arises, it will be faster and easier to locate him. Consider using the note function of the mobile device to program your name, phone number and any other pertinent information into the phone so that if someone finds the phone, or your loved one in a state of confusion, they can contact you for help.

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