Caregivers in Grove City, PA: Difficulties with Alzheimer’s Behaviors

One of the difficulties for caregivers who provide help to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is that the elder’s abilities and things he remembers may fluctuate from day to day. He will remember some things but will not remember others. One day he may be able to carry out a task and another day he cannot.

It can seem to the caregiver that he is in a constant state of change. In a way, it’s true. The disease progresses with time, becoming worse in general. But sometimes memories and abilities float in and out. Sometimes what he can’t remember now he may remember later (for a while, anyway).

The automatic thought may be that he isn’t trying to remember. He has just given up. Maybe he is being stubborn and only remembers when he wants to. It seems he only remembers what he wants to remember. It’s so frustrating.

With Alzheimer’s disease, it’s normal to have some fluctuation of memory. Even though some days show some increased improvement in memory, it doesn’t mean his Caregivers in Grove City, PAcondition is improving. It is just one of those days where the disease is causing the memory to fluctuate.

It’s also true that some things may be easier for him to remember just based on what the event is. Memories that are unpleasant, fearful or threatening would surely be easier to forget.

What are some helpful strategies?

  • It’s inevitable that there will be bad days and there will be good days. Make the most of the good days as much as you can.
  • It’s common for the aging adult with a form of dementia to remember more easily under calm quiet and relaxed circumstances.
  • See if you can determine which types of information he is recalling more easily. Does it have the same theme? Same timeframe? Does it depend on the time of day? What is he doing when he remembers?
  • See if the way you present information to him has a positive effect on his ability to remember – does it improve some kinds of memories?
  • Try visual aids. Sometimes showing him pictures of something you want him to remember will spark a glimmer of memory. You may see it in his eyes or his face even if he can’t vocalize it.

As you get more used to how Alzheimer’s affects the elderly adult you are providing home care for, the memory fluctuations won’t be so annoying or worrisome anymore. Some things just take a while to get used to.

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