Caregivers in Hermitage, PA: Encourage Healthy Weight Loss in Seniors

As a caregiver you already know the importance of protecting the health of an aging loved one in order to encourage him to have an active and happy quality of life. One of the most important aspects of encouraging health in seniors is helping them to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight increases the risk of many health concerns, and it is particularly difficult to lose weight as you get older. This is caused by the decline in your metabolism as you age, as well as the tendency for seniors to lead less active lifestyles. Encouraging healthy weight loss is an element of providing home care for your aging loved one will help him to feel healthier and stronger, and enjoy a longer and Caregivers in Hermitage, PAmore productive life.

The most important element of helping your aging loved one to lose weight healthily is focusing on his diet. Seniors tend to eat very restricted diets due to the loss of the ability to taste and smell, as well as difficulties moving around that make it hard for them to prepare their own meals. As his in the home care provider you can help your aging loved one have access to a wider variety of healthy foods to encourage a balanced, calorie conscious diet to help them lose weight while still providing his body with the full range of nutrients that he needs in order to function properly. Remember to stay conscious of added sugars in prepared foods, as well as highly processed carbohydrates.

Encouraging healthy weight loss also relies on supporting an active exercise routine. Even something as simple as getting your aging loved one out walking around the block once or twice a day, or doing a chair based workout program with him will help burn calories and support strength, flexibility and mobility. Remember as with anyone, losing weight rapidly is dangerous for seniors. It is recommended that a senior lose no more than one or 1 1/2 pounds per week after the first two weeks of weight loss. Consult with your aging loved one’s physician so that he is aware of your intention to help your loved one lose weight, and can help you choose and eating program and exercise routine that is healthy and safe for your loved one.

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