Caregivers in Transfer, PA: Helping at Halloween

As seniors age and live in their homes on their own, they may lose their interest in participating in neighborhood activities. It can be very easy for seniors to isolate themselves and stop participating in neighborhood activities like Halloween. Caregivers should do their best to help their elderly loved ones keep positive relationships with their neighbors.

Get to Know the Neighbors

Caregivers in Transfer, PAHalloween is one of the few events that allow neighbors to stay in touch with each other. Neighborhoods have changed over the years and too many people no longer take the time to get to know each other. Most neighborhoods still manage to have children go from house to house for trick-or-treating on Halloween. Sadly, many homes, especially those with elderly adults, do not participate for a variety of reasons. Caregivers can help change that and help their elderly charges stay involved with their neighbors.

Make a Positive Impression

When in home care providers help their loved ones get involved on Halloween, they help build relationships with the children and families on their street. If elderly adults are able to pass out candy, decorate their homes, or even go outside to visit during the Halloween celebrations, they can build relationships that can give the in home care providers occasional relief.

Halloween is a great time for seniors to get to know their neighbors. In many neighborhoods, Halloween is one of the only times where the families are out and moving from door to door. Seniors can create great memories for the kids in the area by giving out memorable candy – like full size candy bars, or treat bags full of goodies. Kids will think highly of their elderly neighbors and the families will see that the elderly neighbors mean well.

Welcome the Younger Families

Younger families often leave their elderly neighbors alone because they do not want to bother them. This only leads to more isolation for elderly adults who choose to stay at home with home care providers. When the seniors take the initiative to get to know their neighbors, families will see their interest and they will take the time to socialize. Halloween is a perfect time to show interest and it is vital for home care providers to help make Halloween accessible for their charges.

Help for the Caregiver

In home care providers should not only encourage their elderly patients to give out candy at Halloween, but to decorate their homes for the special occasion. When families see that their elderly neighbors are still interested in being an active part of the community, families will make time to visit. Seniors might be able to develop a strong relationship with one or two of the families; when this happens, the in home caregiver might be able to take a break occasionally and let the neighborhood family members provide care.

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Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

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