Switching Out Your Parent’s Wardrobe for the Season

Elder Care in Mercer PA An important part of your elder care efforts for your aging parent is making sure that their home stays organized, neat, and clean. While this encompasses many tasks, when the seasons change, one new one that will arise in your routine is switching out their wardrobe. Ensuring that your aging […]

Elder Care Activity Idea: Mini Art Show

Elder Care in Mercer PA One of the biggest challenges families face is ensuring their aging senior remains active and socially engaged when aging in place. This challenge has a larger impact on families with seniors who have mobility issues or who have recently experienced a loss. Incorporating fun activities as part of their in-home […]

How Elder Care Providers Can Help Patients Handle Depression

Elder Care in Mercer, PA – Helping Patients Handle Depression Seniors tend to suffer from loneliness and isolation. Family members may live many hours away – even in other states or across the country. When seniors are home alone too long, they may begin to suffer from mood changes. Seniors may feel sad and depressed. […]

Elderly Care near Mercer PA– Top Senior Memory Games

Games for boosting the memory can help adults of all ages. These games stimulate the brain cells and increase memory now as well as keep it sharper in the years to come. Therefore, memory games can benefit both you and your elderly loved one. In the old thinking, brain cells died and weren’t replaced. People’s […]

Elderly Care for Mercer PA: Companions Help with Driving- Dec. 2-6 is National Older Drivers Awareness Week!

Transportation is something many of us take for granted.  With our busy schedules, and all the errands we need to run, we would be lost if we did not have transportation.   Whether we are using a car, or public transportation, we know the route to and from home, and every stop along the way.   However, […]

Elder Care in Mercer, PA: Preparing For A Hospital Stay

Your loved one probably doesn’t enjoy the thought of a hospital stay, but sometimes it is necessary for tests or surgery. She will need some peaceful recovery time when she returns home; it would be a good time to arrange for some home care for the elderly. The entire hospital experience goes a lot smoother […]