Cholesterol and Elderly Care in Greenville PA!

High cholesterol is one of the main factors resulting in strokes and heart attacks.  Over fifty percent of Americans have high cholesterol and only one out of every five are taking the steps necessary to treat and lower their cholesterol level.  Elderly care for an individual with high cholesterol requires a healthy diet, exercise, and medication if prescribed by a doctor.Elderly Care Greenville PA

Cholesterol is a lipid (fat) that is produced by the liver and is necessary for normal body functions. Important functions of cholesterol are:

  • Building and maintaining cell membranes
  • Part of sex hormone production (androgens and estrogens)
  • Production of hormones released by the adrenal glands (cortisol, corticosterone, and aldosterone)
  • Production of bile
  • Determining which molecules can pass into a cell and which cannot
  • Converting sunshine to vitamin D
  • Essential for the metabolism of fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Insulating nerve fibers

There are three types of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

  1. LDL is the bad cholesterol responsible for clogging arteries. Avoid reaching levels of 70mg/dl and levels higher than that will need to be actively treated.
  2. HDL is the good cholesterol. It helps the body by attaching to bad cholesterol and pushing it to the liver to be filtered out. Healthy levels of HDL cholesterol are 60mg/dl or higher.
  3. Triglycerides is a fat that can clog the arteries and cause damage to the cardiovascular system. Levels should be kept below 150mg/dl.

Elderly care for an adult with high blood cholesterol is going to require lifestyle changes.

  • Dietary Change

You will need to limit the amount of Trans fat, cholesterol, and saturated fat that is consumed.  Increase the amount of soluble fiber intake by eating foods like kidney beans, apples, and oatmeal.  Only the required calories necessary to maintain a healthy weight should be consumed daily.  Eat foods that are lower in cholesterol such as fruits and juices that contain plant sterols or plant stanols.

  • Physical activity

Physical exercise is good for a number of reasons for everyone.  For those at risk or showing high levels of cholesterol, exercise will raise the HDL (good cholesterol) while lowering the LDL (bad cholesterol).

  • Weight management

A waste measurement of over 40 for men and over 35 for women is considered overweight and puts you at risk for high cholesterol levels.  Reducing the weight will help lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Elderly home care providers can help to keep their loved ones healthy by monitoring cholesterol levels and taking the steps necessary to prevent or treat high cholesterol.

The caregivers at CareGivers Plus are available to talk with you and your family about all of your home care needs. CareGivers Plus is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable elderly care in Greenville PA,  and the surrounding areas. Call 724-638-7110 for more information.

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