Cold Weather Can Be Hard on the Elderly, Tips for a Safe and Warm Winter

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Now is the time to make sure elderly parents, friends, and neighbors are prepared for the cold weather season. While no one enjoys the freezing frigid winter temperatures, they are particularly Elderly-Care-Hermitage-PAdangerous for the older generation.

Slips and falls on the ice are common for anyone headed outside in the winter wonderland, but even more dangerous for the elderly. While there is no way to be ice-proof, cleared and salted sidewalks and driveways make for safer travel. A great idea is to hire neighborhood kids to take care of an elderly parent’s driveway or sidewalk to minimize the risk of them falling and getting hurt.

When storms are coming, be ready. It’s true that when a winter storm is coming, there’s usually plenty of opportunity to get to the store before it hits to stock up. Either bring an elderly parent along for the shopping trip, or, if it isn’t feasible, buy enough so they have essentials to last until the plows come out. If schools are closing because it’s not safe to drive, don’t’ take chances with elderly parents either.

Prepare an emergency kit that is easily accessible by elderly parents. This should include at least a couple of days of water and food that doesn’t require heating in case the power goes out. They should also have a supply of any necessary medication available to them and a way to contact family members in an emergency if they don’t have power. Flashlights and extra blankets are also a good idea.

Communications during a winter weather event are also critical. Make sure that elderly parents have a way to reach family members if the power goes out or some way to call for help. A battery backup for charging a cellphone (if they use one) may be a helpful accessory as long as it is charged in advance (some companies even sell pre-charged extra batteries for cellphones).

Suggest investing in a carbon monoxide detector. As houses get closed up for the winter, there can be more opportunities for carbon monoxide to build up in the home because of fireplaces or other heating sources.

Most importantly though is the irreplaceable fact that the best way to keep seniors safe in the cold winter months is to check in on them regularly.

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