Elder Care Education: What are Some Signs of Dementia?

If you are providing elder care for your aging parents, it is absolutely essential that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of potential issues that your parents may be coping with in order to ensure that you are providing the best level of care. Dementia can be a tremendous challenge for the caregiver of an aging parent. Not only can it develop quite rapidly, that can create difficult situations both for those senior dealing with the disorder and for the caregiver. By understanding the signs of dementia you may be able to notice the earliest stages of the development of the disorder, enabling you to put into place elder care plans that will help you to continue providing the best physical, medical and emotional care for your parent.

The earliest signs of dementia may be subtle and can be easy to miss if you are not paying close attention. This is why if you notice things that seem even slightly off, you remain vigilant and don’t take them for granted. Some of the symptoms include:

• A sudden unwillingness to participate in activities that the senior once loved, or a seeming drop in motivation and drive.

• Difficulty remembering names of people, animals or objects with which the senior is extremely familiar.

• Marked forgetfulness on a regular basis regarding activities or other needs.

• Noticeable changes in personality or mood.

• Trouble communicating or the tendency to use inappropriate words.

• Strange behaviors such as storing items in strange places around the home or wearing clothing that is inappropriate the time of year.

If you notice these changes in your aging parent, don’t hesitate to contact and elder care agency in your area. This agency can provide you with valuable information and connect you with resources that will allow your parent to be evaluated. This agency can also help you to establish effective elder care plans that will protect the safety and well-being of your parent. Having the right type of care in place can prevent dangerous situations and help your aging loved one to continue enjoying the highest quality of life possible while also managing his dementia.

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