Elder Care in Hermitage PA: Vision Challenges

Have you ever experienced any type of vision problems?  Aside from when you were growing up and didn’t understand why you couldn’t see the chalkboard in class, what were some problems that you experienced with your sight?  If you never had a problem, if you never had blurry vision or things just weren’t as crystal clear as they normally were, then you might not be able to understand what potential vision challenges can do to a person’s emotional or mental state of mind.  When it comes to elder care, there are many reasons why an elderly individual will keep certain vision problems to themselves.Elder Care Hermitage PA

First, if the elderly individual is having trouble reading the newspaper in the morning, for example, it could cause some trouble for them.  However, have you ever noticed someone holding a paper close to his or her face in order to make out what was written on it?  Did you ever wonder why they just don’t go out and get glasses?

There could be a number of reasons why they don’t try to get corrective lenses.  Maybe they already have some, but their vision has gotten worse.  Maybe they’re worried that once they get glasses, they’re just going to need to get a new prescription within a short time, so what’s the point?

Some seniors may try to disguise their vision problems or challenges because they worry that they could lose their right to drive (assuming they’re still driving at this point in their life).  Losing the right to drive can be difficult for some to accept, so they will hide their vision problems as long as they can.

When a senior requires any type of home care for the elderly, problems with their vision could become more challenging to hide.  If you are concerned about your loved one’s sight, the best first step is to speak to them.  Be clear and honest, as well as understanding and compassionate.  Let him know that you are concerned, that you noticed him or her squinting at the TV or having trouble reading.

Let him know that eye care has advanced so much during recent years that they can correct astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, and just general failing eyesight much better than in the past.  It doesn’t mean that they’ll lose any part of their independence, right to drive, or anything else.  However, if they don’t correct their vision problems as soon as possible, it could become an irreversible condition.

It can be challenging to talk about vision problems with an elderly individual. However, it’s an important aspect of elder care.  So make sure your loved one schedules their vision screening every year.

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