Switching Out Your Parent’s Wardrobe for the Season

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An important part of your elder care efforts for your aging parent is making sure that their home stays organized, neat, and clean. While this encompasses many tasks, when the seasons change, Elder-Care-in-Mercer-PAone new one that will arise in your routine is switching out their wardrobe. Ensuring that your aging parent has an appropriate wardrobe for whatever the weather conditions helps to keep them comfortable, healthy, and presentable so that they can enjoy a more active and engaged lifestyle. Changing out their wardrobe at the beginning of the new season is also a fantastic opportunity for you to make sure that their clothing is in good condition and weed out items to prevent clutter.


Use these tips to help you make switching out your parent’s wardrobe for the season as smooth, streamlined, and effective as possible:

  • Get prepared. Make sure that you have supplies on hand to make the process of reorganizing your parent’s wardrobe faster and easier. This includes boxes for those items that you are going to keep, those that should be thrown away or repurposed, those that will be donated, and those that need repair. Label these clearly or choose different types of containers, such as cardboard boxes, trash bags, and plastic storage boxes.
  • Clean out first. Before you even take out the clothing for the next season, go through the process of cleaning out the old wardrobe. While you have likely taken out a few basic pieces for the next season already, going through the steps of sorting out the older clothes first will prevent confusion and make it easier to stay organized.
  • Weed them out. Go through each piece of clothing and weed out the items that your parent does not need or will not use. This includes clothing that is damaged beyond repair, does not fit, is out of style, or has features that your parent can no longer use successfully due to mobility limitations such as arthritis in their hands. If the clothing is still usable, consider donating it to charitable organizations so that it can still have use.
  • Keep out basics. Do not hesitate to keep out a few non-seasonal items. Just because it is the warmer season does not mean that you should not have a few light sweaters, long pants, and jackets on hand. Seniors tend to feel cold more than younger people and these items can help to keep them comfortable in highly air conditioned areas or in cooler climates such as the beach at night.
  • Reuse items. You do not have to simply throw away items that your parent cannot or will not use. Look for meaningful ways that you can reuse some of the items. T-shirts that remind you of your parent can make a fantastic quilt that you can enjoy for years to come. You can also use cotton clothing as rags for cleaning. You can also cut fabric into strips and attach features such as buttons and zippers to a fidget quilt to stimulate the mind of a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Store clothing clearly. Once you have weeded out the items that you do not want to keep and have identified the items that you want to hold out, store the remaining clothing carefully. Pack items in containers that are easy to store such as plastic boxes or vacuum bags. Label them clearly with what they are and the season so you can easily reference the containers and take out what your parent needs if necessary.


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