Warning Signs Older Adults Should Stop Driving

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There are plenty of perks to being able to drive, including having the freedom and independence to come and go as you please. But this independence can quickly change for older adults who are Elder-Care-in-Sharon-PAexperiencing vision problems. Vision impairments can cause the senior to put their lives and those of other drivers in danger by being behind the wheel. Seniors with eyesight problems may need the assistance of an elder care specialist in order to get help with driving, cooking, and any other task that could put them in danger. If your loved one is showing any of the following symptoms, it’s time for them to stop driving altogether.

  • Unable to see items that are in close range, such as the car instrument panel or maps
  • Have a difficult time reading road signs
  • Not able to judge their speed or distance, such as the gaps in traffic when merging on to the highway
  • Their eyes are sensitive to the glare of headlights or brightness from the sunlight
  • Vision loss in one or both sides
  • Shift in color perception
  • Not able to see well at night or in low light
  • Other drivers have begun to honk at the elder or complain about their driving
  • Finds it difficult to focus on the road
  • Receiving several tickets or warnings from police officers

Driving with eyesight problems could be fatal to your loved one or others on the road, so it is important you take these warning signs seriously. If the elder is still able to drive, there are some ways they can be safer on the road, including:

  • Avoid driving at night. The pitch blackness of night can make it difficult to read street signs, see road markings, or other drivers on the road. The best way to keep the older adult safe is to have them drive only in daylight.
  • Visit an optometrist. Getting the optometrists seal of approval is necessary before letting your aging parent behind the wheel. A yearly eye exam will be able to detect any changes to their vision and if there is any eye diseases or other problems present. Visiting the optometrist every year will make it easier to detect any eye disease early enough to get the proper treatment.
  • Take a driving course. Many community centers or DMVs offer driving classes for seniors. Because of the many changes the bodies of older adults go through, this course will teach them how to drive with any physical changes that may make driving difficult.

Keeping your loved one safe when on the road is important. So is knowing when it is time they hung up their keys and allowed someone else to drive for them. Watch for these warning signs next time the elder is driving.

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