Understanding Elder Care Services in Wilmington, PA at Home and the Additional Services They Offer

Interestingly enough, it’s important to know that different home care agencies offer different elder care services.

Some of the agencies offer a wide variety of health care services while others offer more specific non-medical or companion services.

Below is a list of services that you may want to consider when choosing a home care agency:

Development of a plan of care – The elder care agencies come up with a plan that ensures the care needs of the client are achieved. They also ensure availability of personal support services.

Elder Care Services in Wilmington, PAAssistance with home management – This means that the agency will help with making sure lawn services, pest control, and any other maintenance items are addressed as needed. Not all home care agencies will take responsibility for these services.

Medical appointments – They ensure that all the client medical appointments are attended after scheduling them.

Supervision of daily living activities – Elder care agencies have the responsibility of ensuring that some of the activities are carried out in the required manner. These include laundry, shopping, meals preparation, transportation and also cleaning.

Assessment and review – Meetings with the family update on plan of care, any new needs, any items that have been taken care of and more.

Monitoring and paying visits – Most home care agencies have the responsibility of visiting of having a member of management or a supervisor visit the clients to make sure everything is going well. This gives families peace of mind.

Referrals to other professionals – The agencies can refer the client to other companies for some specific kind of assistance. They can also refer the client to the government for specific programs.

Relocation support services – Some home care agencies will work in combination with “senior movers” to help the family get the senior ready for their next residence- like an assisted living facility or independent living apartment.

Long distance support – Elder care agencies offer support services to those families which have loved ones far away. They help by conducting regular checkups and writing reports to the family.

End of life consultation – The agencies assist the families to make decisions and also get to understand issues concerning the end of life. They can also sometimes provide hospice care support, or refer the family to an organization who specializes in end of life care.

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Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

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