How to Get Creative about Busting Stress

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It’s pretty easy to get creative about solving problems for your elderly loved one. In fact, sometimes you have to in order to find a solution that works. But you can apply some of that same Elderly-Care-in-Grove-City-PAcreativity to your own stress in order to break free of it. Here are some ideas.

Regress a Little

Sometimes revisiting childhood can do a lot for your stress levels. Play a game with your elderly loved one, chew some bubble gum, or catch some lightning bugs. All of these simple activities take you back to a simpler time. You may not be able to live in that simpler time anymore, but you can visit it when you need to in order to get a grasp on the curves life is throwing your way.

Get Out into Nature

Spend some time enjoying a garden, a park, or even a forest. When you spend time out in nature, you have a chance to reconnect with the part of yourself that loves the outdoors. You can also soak up some extra sunlight, which helps your body to make more vitamin D. Take your elderly loved one with you and you can both benefit from hanging out with the plants, the birds, and the bees.

Smile, Even if You’re Faking It at First

The power of a smile is such that even if you’re not feeling the emotions that normally lead to one, you might by the end of it if you can force yourself to smile. When you put on a smile, your brain gets messages that you’re happy, even if you aren’t quite there yet. Eventually, your brain sends out enough “we’re happy” signals that your body starts feeling the effects and you actually start to feel happier. So the moral of that story is to keep smiling, even if it’s not a real one at first.

Treat Yourself as You Would a Friend

If a friend came to you and expressed her frustration, her stress, and how awful she’s feeling, what would you do? You’d probably give her some great advice about treating herself a little better and being a little kinder to herself. You might even offer her some help or point out that other people, like elderly care providers, are already in place to help her out. It’s time to start giving yourself some of the same advice that you would give a good friend, because it’s likely to be fantastic advice.

When you can bust your stress in a creative way, you’re more likely to experience solid results.

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