Honest Elderly Care in Grove City, PA: Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week

Elderly care is not always easy. You may not want to admit to the challenges that you face on a daily basis in providing elderly care for an aging loved one, and may feel as though you are weak or unappreciative for feeling the stress and pressure of being an elderly care provider. It is important to remember, however, that regardless of the love that you feel for a senior, or the enthusiasm that you feel for being a family caregiver, the realities and responsibilities of providing this type of care are enough to cause stress, depression and anxiety in virtually anyone. It is also important to remember that you are not the only one that is susceptible to these feelings. The process of aging can be very hard on people, and seniors are particularly susceptible to feelings of anxiety. This May, make a commitment to be honest in your elderly care relationship by participating in the observance of National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week.

Elderly Care in Grove City, PAEach year tens of millions of Americans will cope with feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings can range from mild feelings to severe problems that make a devastating impact on the lives of those who cope with them. Billions of dollars are spent every year coping with these disorders, including money lost due to missed work, but the impact of these diseases goes well beyond the financial considerations. The human suffering caused by these disorders stretches past just the people suffering from them to their loved ones as well. Standing up for yourself and your aging loved one and your future health and wellbeing is about acknowledging the reality of depression and anxiety, and finding ways to manage them so you can live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

During May’s Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week, many organizations and businesses across the nation will be holding events to raise awareness of these disorders, and educate the public on how they should be managed to avoid devastating consequences. Sometimes it is difficult to discuss these feelings, or even to admit to yourself that you have them. The observances of this week are about finding the strength to admit these feelings to yourself, identify them honestly in your aging loved one, and find ways together to cope with them so you can be a more effective caregiver and your loved one can get the most out of the care you provide.

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