3 Important Exercises for Elderly Care in Transfer, PA

When it comes to elderly care, exercise is one of the most important aspects about it. Making sure that the senior patient gets enough exercise is a vital component to a long and healthy lifestyle. While you may be busy with your own affairs and don’t think that you can manage to find the time to make sure that your loved one is getting the right level of exercise, each day that passes you both by can be another missed opportunity.

While you won’t be encouraging your mother or father to take part in the next 5k run or city marathon, exercise is still important no matter how old they are. One of the easiest and best exercises that anyone can do as long as they can physically take part in it is to walk.

Walking not only gets us out in the environment, it provides the right level of cardiovascular activity that our body needs to improve circulation and strengthen the heart. When you improve circulation, you also increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain and muscles throughout the body, which leads to sharper focus and more agility and even strength. It also can improve the immune system as increased circulation will also help move white blood cells through the body as well.

Stretching is another great activity for elderly care. While you shouldn’t expect the elderly care provider to take part in any of these stretching activities, it certainly can’t help. However, stretching also has many of the same benefits as walking does as it increase blood flow throughout the body, especially the muscles.

Stretching can also help expel toxins in the body that build up over time, especially when we’re less physically active. Stretches can and should be relatively simple, however, so make sure that they are not going to overexert the elderly individual in any way.

Yoga is also one of the best exercises that you can provide for positive elderly care. Yoga can be done in the comfort of one’s home or at any number of senior care facilities in the area. It is great for cardiovascular health and can also be a positive influence for one’s social life.

When you are looking for ways to help keep your elderly loved one healthy throughout their Golden Years, consider any or all of these three important exercises for elderly care. You can even consider doing them with your loved one as a way to spend quality time together.

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