Elderly Care in West Middlesex, PA: Handling Hair Loss for Seniors

Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of aging. Both men and women experience thinning of hair as they grow older, and some will become completely bald. Though most of the time it is completely normal for an aging adult to start losing his hair, there may be more serious cause in play. If you notice that your aging loved one has been losing hair at a rapid pace, make sure that you bring this to the attention of his primary physician so that you are able to determine the actual cause of the hair loss and manage it in the best rates possible.

Elderly Care in West Middlesex, PASome of the less common, but potentially dangerous, causes of hair loss in seniors include:

  • Diabetes. The hormonal imbalances that are often caused by diabetes can lead to the hair to stop growing or start falling out. Finding adequate treatment for your aging loved one’s diabetes can help to stop the hair from falling out, and even encourage it to start growing again.
  • Iron Deficiency. Some elderly care studies have indicated that seniors to suffer from chronic iron deficiency may experience more frequent and marked hair loss than others. Improving is iron deficiency by modifying the diet or taking iron supplements can improve the body’s ability to maintain and grow hair.
  • Hyperthyroidism. The improper regulation of the thyroid can leave it to a variety of autoimmune diseases, which can also contribute to the considerable thinning and loss of hair. This is generally indicated by large chunks of hair falling out at one time, rather than individual strands falling out periodically.
  • Inadequate Nutrition. When a body is not receiving the nutrition that it needs in order to support its proper functioning, one of the first things that will do is stop providing nutrition and support to the hair. If your aging loved one is not getting the vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that he needs, you may notice of his hair begins to thin, change texture, and fall out.
  • Medications. Some of the medications that are prescribed for heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, and gout have the common side effect of hair loss. If this becomes an issue for your aging loved one, bring it up with a physician and ask if there is an alternative medication that will not cause the hair loss. Changing medications may reverse the effects of the hair loss, but these effects may also be permanent.

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