Elderly Care in Wilmington, PA: Keeping Your Loved One Active throughout the Year

Physical activity is one of the most crucial elements of keeping seniors happy and healthy. As an elderly care provider, however, one of your greatest challenges will be making sure that your aging loved one stays active in ways that he enjoys. Boredom is dangerous to anyone’s resolve to get and stay active, but it can be particularly trying for aging adults who are stuck in their ways. If you are trying to inject more physical exercise into the elder care services you provide for your loved one, consider looking to the calendar and enjoying activities together that are geared toward the seasons. Seasonal activities are not only exciting, but they also help you to plan out the time that you will spend together so your loved one has something to look forward to at all times.

Some of examples of seasonal elderly care include:

Elderly Care in Wilmington, PASpring

As the weather grows warmer and the world seems to be coming to life again it is time to get out of the house and shake loose all those cobwebs that you feel build up on you over the winter. Take advantage of the mild days by enjoying tours of a local botanical garden to see the new blooms and then starting your own backyard or tabletop garden. Spring is also the perfect time to enjoy feeding the birds that haven’t migrated yet.


Summer is a time for enjoying activities with friends and family. Head out for a road trip that takes you to tourist attractions near your area and enjoy picnics at a variety of new locations. If your loved one is up for it, take a trip to the beach and enjoy the cooling surf. Early summer is also a perfect time to head to the local strawberry fields to pick the plump ripe berries and let your loved one teach you to put up preserves.


The cooling weather and gorgeous foliage of autumn makes this the ideal time of year to head outside for some family fun. There is the obvious pumpkin and apple picking outings that are popular to this time of year, but there are also various other activities that will help your loved one more active. Some of these include leaf collecting, gentle hiking and late gardening.


You may not revel the thought of bringing your aging loved one out into the snow and ice and risk a dangerous fall, but there are ways to keep a senior active during the winter without needing elderly care services. Fantastic winter activities to enjoy with your aging loved one include winter home tours, caroling, exploring outdoors for holly and other seasonal foliage and participating in social events that involve walking and dancing.

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