Home Care Companions in Transfer, PA Prepare Light Winter Recipes that Keep Seniors Warm and Healthy

Nutrition is often a major challenge for seniors. Keeping a balance diet is absolutely crucial for physical and emotional well-being, so making sure that your home care companion is addressing these needs is an important part of keeping your loved ones healthy. Dedicated home care companions automatically make nutrition an important part of their day with seniors. They recognize the challenges the many seniors have in regards to having a varied diet, or trying new things. They have also developed ways to encourage trying new foods or keeping up a good diet.

Pay attention to nutrition is often made even more challenging, however, during the winter. Home care companions may recognize that your loved one is turning to the comfort foods that cold weather often encourages. These might not necessarily be the healthiest options, though. Encouraging your aging loved ones to try light winter recipes that will make them feel warm, while also keeping them healthy, is a great way to support their well-being.

Soups and stews are some of the most wonderful foods that you can eat during the cold winter months. Not only are the options virtually endless when it comes to the ingredients of flavor profiles that can be included in these meals, but they are easy to eat it make you feel warm from the inside out. Offer your home care companion favorite family recipes for winter meals, or ask them their favorite recipes for the healthy yet delicious winter meals that they serve their family.

Many home care companions find that seniors really enjoy cooking, but might have difficulty doing it. Cooking together and preparing meals is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and encourages your loved ones to feel independent.

Also keep in mind heartier options for winter meals. Sometimes eating a soup just doesn’t feel like enough, but a casserole made with plenty of hearty fall in winter vegetables, or a delicious, light version of comfort food meals such as meatloaf enhanced with lentils or pasta made with whole grain noodles is a great way to make sure the your loved ones are still getting all the nutrients that they need, while enjoying warm winter eating.

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