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As a caregiver, preparing healthy meals that your loved one will enjoy is a probably a top priority.  For elderly adults who have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, diet is key.  Because of this, it is likely that you spend many hours of your week grocery shopping, preparing food, and cleaning up after meals.  Even though cooking and serving food can be fun and enjoyable, you may find it irritating that much of the food you buy ends up going to waste.  When food spoils, is left uneaten, is dropped on the ground, etc., it ends up right in the trash where it can be bad for the environment and bad for your budget.  If you are finding that the food you waste is hurting your conscience and your wallet, try utilizing a few of these simple tips to help you and your loved one waste less food.


Go to the Store with a Plan

Before heading out the store, discuss with your loved one a meal plan for the week.  Plan out meals and snacks and write down each ingredient you will need to buy.  Also, check the pantry and refrigerator to see if you already have some ingredients.  This will help you to avoid “double buying” ingredients.  When at the store, it is essential to stick to your list and plan.  Avoid buying things on impulse or buying things just because they are on sale.  When you come home with too much food, it is likely that some will end up going to waste.


Try Canned or Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are important components in your loved one’s healthy diet.  However, if you buy too much fresh produce, it is not unusual to see that it goes bad before you and your loved one can eat it.  Buy an amount of fresh produce that you know you both will eat and then stock the freezer and pantry with frozen and canned fruits and vegetables.  These can last a very long time, be used easily in cooking, and are still filled with essential nutrients.


Get the Most Out of Each Ingredient

When you make your meal plan for the week, try and stretch your ingredients.  For example, if you are going to buy and cook a whole chicken for one dinner, use the leftover chicken the next day to make chicken salad.  This way, you get two meals out of buying just one ingredient!


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