How to Help Your Loved One Prepare for a Thunderstorm

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Does your loved one live in an area that is prone to thunderstorms?  Now that the weather is getting warmer and more humid in many parts of the country, thunderstorms are something to watch Home-Care-in-Mercer-PAout for and be prepared for.  While some thunderstorms may be brief and harmless, others can be severe and cause damage to communities and put people at risk for injury.  Severe thunderstorms can sometimes occur unexpectedly which is why it is important for your loved one to always be prepared, especially during the summer months.  Here are a few ways you can help your loved one to be prepared for a thunderstorm:


Have an Emergency Kit and Plan

Talk with your loved one about thunderstorm preparedness before one actually occurs.  Gather some emergency supplies and keep them in your loved one’s home in an easy-to-find spot.  Their emergency kit should include a working flashlight, battery operated radio, first aid kit, non-perishable food items, and plenty of bottled water.  In addition, it is a great idea to include a list of phone numbers of people they can call if they need help, especially if you do not live close by.  Discuss a thunderstorm plan with them and decide what you will do if your loved one needs help during a storm.


Storm-Proof the Yard

High winds can pick up and move loose objects in the yard which can cause damage to property and even cause injuries.  Remove any dead tree branches from their yard and secure any loose objects such as trash cans so that they cannot be blown away in a storm.


Check the Forecast

When it appears that a storm is on it’s way, encourage your loved one to turn on the radio or T.V. so that they can be alerted in the event of a severe thunderstorm warning or watch.  If a thunderstorm in predicted, it is important that they do not plan any outdoor activities for that day and remain inside.  Going out of the house or driving during a thunderstorm can be very dangerous.



Since lightening can cause damaging power surges, it is important for your loved one to unplug all appliances and electronics when a storm is on its way.  Encourage them not to touch electrical equipment or cords.  Plumbing can also conduct electricity, so faucets, washing machines, and showers should also not be used during a storm.


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