Home Care in Wilmington, PA: Signs that Your Aging Family Member Should No Longer Be Living Alone

Deciding whether or not an aging family member needs home care is a difficult decision. It may be hard for you to accept that they are getting older, and it will be hard for them to hear that they might be losing their independence. However, if home care will keep them healthy and safe, it is worth it.

The way they keep up their house is a good indicator of whether or not they should be living alone. If they were generally tidy or proud of their house but are now leaving clutter around, it could be a sign that they are unable to perform cleaning tasks anymore. If they are not keeping up on dishes or yard work, this can also be a sign of their weakness. The same sign applies to their personal hygiene as well. Bathing regularly and taking care of their physical appearance shows a desire to be social and keep up their appearances. When they begin forgoing these acts, it may mean that they are unable to do so or that they are unable to leave the house easily.

A sign that they are physically unable to move very far is that they may set up camp in one room of the house on the first floor. It is as though their upstairs or basement doesn’t exist. They may just see it as getting old if they are mentally still there, but not being able to utilize their own home is a sign that they may be ready for home care.

You should also check to see how well their memory is. Sometimes elderly family members will start to lose their memory even if they are still physically strong. They might forget to take their medications to keep them healthy, or they may forget that they have food on the stove or in the oven. This can also be extremely dangerous if it catches fire. Check to see if they are paying bills on time or if the bottom of their pans are scorched. Living alone with a bad memory can be extremely dangerous.

If you think it is time for an elderly family member to start home care, it is important to address the issue delicately. Do not make them feel as though they are weak and losing independence. Allow them to play a major part in the change. You are doing this out of love, and make sure they know that every step of the way.

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