Home Care Services in Farrell, PA: Exercise Success with Limited Mobility

The first thing to do before starting an exercise routine is to get medical clearance. Even if it’s just wheelchair exercises or limited mobility exercises, a doctor’s okay is important to obtain. As a home care service provider, your elderly loved one may be interested in exercise because of inactivity or weight problems. A doctor or physical therapist can help the elderly senior find some exercises that are suitable to his condition.

The elderly loved one may have some questions about exercise:

  • How much exercise is the right amount for me to do daily, and how much exercise is suitable weekly?
  • What types of exercises would be the best for me, and how many repetitions of each?
  • Are there any kinds of exercises or activities that I should avoid?
  • Will any of the exercises interfere or change the time I should take my medications?

Home Care Services in Farrell, PASome good pointers for those with limited mobility just starting out an exercise routine:

  • Start out slow, just gradually increasing the activity level so you don’t overdo it. Start at your own pace and make your goals realistic. There is a lot of satisfaction and benefit in reaching even the smallest goals, and it gives you the motivation you need to keep up the exercise routine.
  • Exercise should be a daily activity. It helps to set aside the same time every day and then do a variety of exercises to avoid boredom.
  • Stick to it. They say it takes a month to make a new habit. It helps to write down the reasons for exercising so you can use them to motivate yourself to stay in the program. Making exercise fun is a good idea too, because then you are more likely to look forward to it.
  • There could be ups and downs. Don’t let them discourage you! It’s normal to have ups and downs; the key is to just slowly build back up to regular exercising.

Exercise tips for injury or limited mobility

  • Discontinue exercising if you feel any pain, nausea, dizziness, discomfort, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat or anything else that’s out of the ordinary. Avoiding injury means you need to listen to what your body is telling you.
  • Don’t exercise the injured part unless you have a doctor’s clearance.
  • Remember to do warm-ups and stretching. Cool downs are important too.
  • Your body needs plenty of water. Don’t forget to drink! Exercise is better when you are hydrated.
  • Make sure your clothing isn’t restrictive.

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