Home Care Services in Greenville, PA: Beautician’s Day

Most in home care providers will drive their elderly adult to the beauty parlor to get her hair done up nice. That’s something that women of all ages love to do – go out to get their hair done. June 26th is Beautician’s Day, a special day to show appreciation for the beautician you can always count on.

No one seems to really know how this day started, or who the creator really was, but beauticians deserve to be shown some appreciation. They go to great lengths to make their clients look both beautiful and stunning. The term beautician comprises more than just hairstylists; it also includes manicurists.

A nice hairstyle increases self-esteem at any age. When a woman feels her hair looks the best it can be, she feels like a million dollars inside. This is just as important for the aging senior as it is for even the youngest of ladies.

Home Care Services in Greenville, PAWays to celebrate Beautician’s Day

  • Go to a beauty parlor and get a new hairdo
  • Go to your regular beautician and bring her flowers
  • Get your hair done at home if you’re not mobile
  • Do up your hair and then take pictures to capture the memory

The benefits of having fun and doing something new

When you go out to do something fun like getting your hair done, or something new like getting a new hairstyle, it adds some excitement to your life. Aging seniors need some excitement and some pizzazz as well; to help them feel vibrant and emotionally energized.

Once her hair is done and she’s feeling fantastic, top off the celebration with a dance or a nice dinner. It will be fun for both of you and make a really nice memory for her. Social interactions and emotional recharging is good for both the mind and the body.

Compliment her often on how lovely she looks, and be sincere. Compliments are a great way to boost someone’s self-esteem. When we look good, we feel good. The world may think that only smooth, perfectly flawless skin is beautiful. But when you look into the eyes and face of someone who has experienced life to its fullest, both the bad times and the good, there is a beauty there that can’t be described. Each line represents experience, each white hair represents wisdom.

Elderly women especially, have this idea that beauty only belongs to youth. If so, that’s society’s failed perception of beauty.

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