Home Care Services in Sharpsville, PA: Preparing for Winter

When you are relying on home care services for an elderly loved one, now is a great time to think about preparing for winter, no matter where you live. Even if you enjoy the warm sun in Southern California or Florida, some nights can become quite frigid with frost a common problem even in the most sheltered regions.

Most of the time, we tend to take winter with little interest, at least during the fall. It’s easy to forget how tough the cold winter months can be for seniors. They don’t have the same ability to fight off the cold air that younger people do, so it’s important to make sure that they are prepared, even now.

One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that your elderly loved one has enough warm clothes for those chilly nights. Frost can strike just about any part of the country starting in September, and the farther north you are, the earlier those cold nights can sneak upon you.

While an in-home care provider will not put your loved one at any risk due to cold weather, the things that we tend to take for granted are more important than ever for those whose body isn’t able to ward off the cold like it was when they were younger. Remember, when the body is cold, it has to work harder to warm up, which means that the heart and even the immune system will be taxed as a result.

Make sure that your elderly loved one has plenty of warm clothes and depending on where he or she lives; dressing in layers is one of the best ideas. While it could be very cool in the early morning hours, the temperature can quickly rise. Overheating can then become a problem as well.

For winter, make sure that home care services knows where the winter clothes are in the house, such as hats, gloves, scarves, and even winter boots. One of the things many people tend to do is put away their winter outfits in an attic or in the basement and forget about them.

Trying to rummage through boxes at the last minute, especially if a strong storm blows in early and unexpectedly, knocking the power out, can create a dangerous situation;  make sure that your loved one and the in home care provider you have chosen are prepared to be warm every day this winter.

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