Making Sure Your Senior Loved One Isn’t Taking Advantage of His Home Care Services Companion in Transfer, PA

While you might not want to think of your aging loved one as being a manipulative person, it is important to realize that when provided with a caregiver whose responsibility it is to provide ongoing care and assistance for their daily needs, even the most levelheaded of seniors may get carried away. As a family care provider, you should take efforts to make sure your aging loved one is not taking advantage of his home care services companion, and it is companion is a fulfilling realistic and reasonable expectations on a daily basis.

To ensure your loved one is not taking advantage of the care that he is being offered, you should clarify with him from the very beginning what this caregiver is expected to Home Care Services in Transfer, PAdo, and what your loved one should be doing on his own or waiting for you to do for them. The basic responsibilities that a home care services companion should for cell include:

  • Helping your loved one get out of bed if necessary
  • Helping your loved one bathe and dress
  • Helping your loved one with grooming and hygiene measures such as doing their hair if this is necessary due to mobility issues or cognitive challenges
  • Preparing simple, straightforward meals and helping your loved one
  • Washing dishes
  • Light laundry
  • Tidying the home. This is the area in which many seniors find themselves taking advantage of their home care services companion. A care companion is not a native, and should not be expected to clean the entire day, nor should she be expected to do it deep cleaning activities such as scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets or washing windows. Instead, her tidying activities should be basic cleaning such as vacuuming, dusting and throwing trash away
  • Running essential errands such as grocery shopping
  • Offering medication reminders
  • Helping your aging loved one prepared for bad

It is important that your aging loved one take on much responsibility for his own personal care as possible. Not only will this keep his mind sharp, it will prevent him from becoming fully reliant on other people to quickly. If you notice in your aging loved one has begun asking more of his home care services companion then he should, or is being aggressive or demanding with this in home care provider, you should take effort to end this behavior as quickly as possible. Confront him about his activities, and explain why they are unacceptable. If necessary, take on more responsibilities yourself. Remember, however, that his care provider is responsible for many things and should be held accountable for fulfilling her obligations on a regular basis.

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