Home Care Services in Wilmington, PA: Help Protect Seniors from the Flu

Seniors are at a much higher risk for contracting the flu and suffering serious medical consequences than younger people. Suppressed immune systems and chronic medical conditions that make it more difficult for seniors to fight off infections make it more likely for a senior to catch the flu and suffer from serious symptoms for a longer period of time. Home care services can offer the critical care and treatment of your aging loved one in order to protect him from catching the flu, and ease the symptoms and course of the illness should he contract the illness.

An in home care provider is a valuable tool for protecting your aging loved one from exposure to the flu virus and high-risk behaviors that could put him at serious risk of Home Care Services in Wilmington, PAcontracting the flu.

There are several ways that home care services can help protect your aging loved one, including:

  • Keeping the house clean, and surfaces disinfected
  • Encouraging your aging loved one to wash his hands on a regular basis and use antibacterial gel in between washings
  • Ensure that people who are experiencing symptoms of illness do not visit your aging loved one
  • Support a healthy diet that will strengthen your loved one’s immune system and help him to fight off germs
  • Monitors symptoms and behaviors to help detect early signs that he has contracted the flu
  • Bringing your loved one to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment
  • Ensuring that any medications or treatments that are recommended by the physician are followed
  • Encouraging your aging loved one to get plenty of rest, particularly if he is exhibiting any symptoms of illness

There is a major debate as to whether seniors should get a flu vaccination. While many senior care experts insist that all individuals over the age of 65 receive a flu shot every year to protect them from the contraction of the flu virus, others state that there may be more risk to the vaccination than potential benefit. It is important to discuss a flu vaccination with your aging loved one’s physician so that you can make an educated and confident decision as to whether this vaccination is appropriate for your aging loved one.

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