Homecare near Mercer PA: Safety Requirements for providing Homecare for Parents in Your Home

You have decided your parents need home care in your home because it isn’t feasible for them to stay where they are.  First, you will need to make some changes in your home to accommodate their needs.  There are the common sense changes such as night-lights in dark areas, stairways that are well lit as well as the halls being lighted.  You will need to think about adding grab bars and railings in the bathrooms to make access safer for your parents. Clutter will have to be brought under control and throw rugs removed.  You can also check into fall detection devices and other safety systems to lower the risk of injuries and falls. Homecare Mercer PA

But having your patents move-in is more than just about safety; you want them to feel at home too.  Therefore, bring as much of their furniture, books, pictures, and personal items that will make them feel like your home is theirs now too.  Also by including your parents in the move, and not ignoring their input, it will be something which is done together.

You will also need to know about your parents’ finances.  Do they have a Health care Proxy, a Will, and Power of Attorney? Is all their legal and estate planning current?  Do your parents have a long care term policy?  So you will want to have all of this paperwork available in case of an emergency.  Doing legal and estate planning ahead of time is critical.  If there is paperwork, which needs to be done then, contact an elder law attorney as soon as possible.

A really touchy issue is driving.  Are your parents still capable of getting behind the wheel of a car safely?  There are mirror add-ons and tools to help seniors with arthritis so they can drive more comfortably too.  But if you’re having concerns about reaction time and cognitive abilities, then it may be time for your parents to turn in their keys.  If your parents are resistant to the idea, talk to your parents’ doctor or doctors about your concerns.  You can also have the DMV retest them.  If a vision or driving isn’t passed, then the driver’s license will be revoked.

Because of health issues your parents may have, you may want to look into a Healthcare Power of Attorney, which is a Healthcare Proxy.  This allows the person named to make decisions about health care if your parents are unable to do so.  If your parents have a Living Will, you may want to talk to them about circumstances under which they would want extreme measures taken. Your parents may want a do-not-resuscitate order which does not allow doctors to resuscitate.

Making adjustments on all fronts plus making sure your parents have all they need while living with you is important.  Making sure they are happy is even more important.

The caregivers at CareGivers Plus are available to talk with you and your family about all of your home care needs. CareGivers Plus is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable home care services in Mercer PA,  and the surrounding areas. Call 724-638-7110 for more information. 

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