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A woman’s desire to have pretty hands is ageless. Men also enjoy having healthy nails. We all do a lot of things with our hands, and it’s no fun to have hangnails that are torn and bleeding or other nail problems.Home Care Hermitage PA

Just like taking care of your hair, there are some steps to follow to take care of your nails. This can apply to you or your elderly loved one. Some of these steps are myth-busting because there’s a lot of false information passed around about how to properly care for fingers and fingernails.

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles. They shouldn’t be pushed back either; they should be left alone. This may go against popular belief. The fact is, the cuticle is a barrier to bacteria and fungus. It protects your nail bed from anything harmful entering.
  2. Nail hardeners should be used sparingly or not at all. Healthy nails should be flexible, so avoid anything that makes them brittle.
  3. The nail bed and cuticle need to be moisturized on a regular basis. This will help your cuticles look better and stay intact without tearing. It also promotes nail growth. Nail breakage could indicate you need to rub some oil into your fingertips and nails. It could also indicate you’re missing biotin or something else in your diet.
  4. Try taking biotin supplements if you have problems with splitting and breaking of the nails. Research studies don’t support the myth of soaking nails in gelatin or solutions containing yeast, calcium or fluoride.
  5. Professional manicures often result in dry and brittle nails. The products used at nail salons are probably too high in harsh chemicals. Going to a nail salon also increases your risk of nail bed infections.
  6. Don’t use polish removers containing acetone! This solvent strips the nails and causes them to break easily.
  7. Avoid using the old traditional emery boards to file nails. They are too rough and can cause microscopic cracks and fissures in the edge of the nail, resulting in breakage later. Instead, use a smooth file with a fine rather than rough surface. File in one direction rather than sawing back and forth.
  8. Wear protective gloves when using cleaning chemicals so your hands and nails don’t suffer.
  9. Be careful of which shampoo you use. If you are using a stripping shampoo to alleviate greasy hair, it will strip your nails of their natural oils when they come into contact with it.
  10. Toenails can be taken care of in a similar fashion as finger nails.

If you suspect any health problems for your elderly loved one, make sure they see their doctor. It can be difficult to keep on top of all the doctor appointments they need. A caregiver can help with that. Contact home care services and make arrangements for a trained caregiver to help with caregiving duties.

The caregivers at CareGivers Plus are available to talk with you and your family about all of your home care needs. CareGivers Plus is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable home care services in Hermitage PA, and the surrounding areas. Call 724-638-7110 for more information.

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