How to Handle Social Security Benefits When a Senior Dies

Ashley Huntsberry-Lett   |  When a person dies, there are countless arrangements to make and people and organizations to notify. Ensuring everything is handled properly and in a timely manner is challenging to begin with, but things are complicated even further by all the difficult emotions surrounding a loved one’s passing. One aspect of managing a […]

The Working Caregiver: Issues Faced With Care Giving While Employed

Valerie VanBooven Many adult children find it financially impossible to leave their current employer and give up a much-needed salary to take care of an aging adult. Caregivers are the most effective and efficient when they arm themselves with as much information as possible about their aging loved one’s current situation. This is not limited […]

Protecting Senior Skin from Summer Sun

June Fletcher Everyone needs a little sunshine—if nothing else, for the relaxing warmth and some extra Vitamin D. But caregivers need to be sure that before they head outdoors, they have protected both themselves and their elderly loved ones against the damaging effects of the sun, which can lead to melanoma. New York dermatologist Arielle Kauvar told […]

Growing Connections: Gardening with Seniors

June Fletcher At any age, gardening is one of the best activities we can do outdoors. It stimulates all the senses, awakens our connection with nature and with our companions, and rewards us with fresh flowers and nutritious fruits and vegetables. “It’s restorative, even if you have dementia,” says Dee McGuire, a horticultural therapist at Levindale […]

10 Farmers Market Foods That Are Senior Approved

Taji Mortazavi   |   Spring is finally in the air! If you’re like most people, you and your loved ones may have fallen off the health and nutrition bandwagon this winter. With the harsh weather and indulgent holiday gatherings, it’s common to slip up and make poor diet choices that you normally wouldn’t. If you’re looking […]

The Health Benefits of Fresh Air

Caregiver in Sharon PA Spring is here and there’s nothing quite like opening windows and letting in the fresh air. It tends to put people in a better mood, but science and research over the years have shown that there are other real health benefits to fresh air – both physically and mentally. In June […]

What to Do When Meditating for Stress Relief Stresses You Out

Elder Care in Sharpsville PA You or your loved one needed some stress relief, so you decided to try meditating. But then it all seemed to go wrong and you were more stressed out after trying to meditate than you were before you tried it. That’s not how this is supposed to go, but what’s […]

Wasting Less Food

Home Care in Grove City PA   As a caregiver, preparing healthy meals that your loved one will enjoy is a probably a top priority.  For elderly adults who have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, diet is key.  Because of this, it is likely that you spend many […]

Three Ways for Seniors Receiving Elderly Care to Reduce Debt

Senior Care in Sharpsville PA Unfortunately for seniors, when it comes to debt the news isn’t good. In 2013, 61.3 percent of homes where the head of the household was someone 60 or older had debt of some kind. The average total debt for these households was $40,900. This can be especially bad news for […]

How to Get Creative about Busting Stress

Elderly Care in Grove City PA It’s pretty easy to get creative about solving problems for your elderly loved one. In fact, sometimes you have to in order to find a solution that works. But you can apply some of that same creativity to your own stress in order to break free of it. Here […]