Senior Care Farrell PA – Exercise versus Activity!

Everyone knows the benefits of regular exercise.  You can find gyms, health spas, racquetball or tennis clubs and many other forms of physical workouts in almost every town you visit.  Larger cities have numberless choices.  Exercise is a great thing; movement is something all bodies need.

It makes good sense to have some kind of regular physical workout.  For a young person that might mean a lot different thing than it does to someone older.  What is the difference between exercise and activity?

Physical activity

  • Is vital to health and well-being
  • Improves psychological state
  • Provides physiological benefits
  • Prevents deterioration that arises when there’s inactivity
  • Slows muscle wasting
  • Keeps joints flexible
  • Maintains strength and flexibility


  • Activities that are packaged or codified for specific effects
  • Goal of training certain body parts or body functions
  • Very structured in nature
  • Has specific training outcomes

For an elderly person, going to a public place like a gym or a spa might be nice for the socializing aspect, depending on whether there is senior time at the gym or not.  However, most forms of activity and exercise can also be done at home or close to home without an expensive membership fee.

With regular physical activity, the elderly loved one keeps their strength and flexibility for a longer time.  Risks of falling are greatly reduced because the balance is better and the muscles used to prevent a fall are stronger.  Movement and activity also help keep the heart, lungs and circulatory system working together in a healthier way.

Simple tasks such as standing up can become difficult for the elderly person who has been accustomed to long periods of sitting or has had to spend a few weeks in bed because of a medical condition.  Enjoying good health into the later years requires avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

How can you help your loved one remain active?  There are actually several things you can do to encourage your aging loved one to be more active. You probably have more influence in this area than you may think.

  1. Help your elderly mom to find events and activities in the community to attend.
  2. Take your aging parent to the swimming pool for water aerobics or on seniors’ day.
  3. Encourage your dad to go on a daily walk with his senior care service provider.
  4. Find a yoga class for seniors to enroll your parent in.  Yoga is a good flexibility workout, without the strenuous cardiovascular workout of other routines.
  5. Light housework can be woven in to the daily routine to get more movement.

Like everything that’s good, exercise and activity also have to be entered into with caution, especially for the senior who has not already been involved with it on a regular basis.   If your parent is in good condition, her doctor will probably agree to activity that makes her feel good and is within her abilities.  Some say that regular exercise and fitness can add years to life.  Others say it can add life to your years.  Either way, we all know it’s the healthy thing to do.

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