Senior Care in Farrell, PA and the Helping with the Loss of a Spouse

Losing a loved one at any age is difficult. When you are trying to help an elderly loved one deal with the loss of his or her spouse, whether that spouse was directly related to you or not, it can be challenging, to say the least. Senior care often involves helping the people we love deal with loss as they age.

Senior Care in Farrell, PASenior care services are generally designed to help the elderly cope with basic daily living, and managing their health as they age. Yet sometimes caregivers are called upon to provide comfort and support during some of the most difficult challenges that their patients will face.

It doesn’t matter how old these elderly patients are or how long they were married to their spouse, the loss of a spouse can be devastating and it can also be crippling. When someone loses the love of their life, depression is one of the most common conditions that follow. These elderly patients may have difficulty getting out of bed, wanting to get out and move in their life, and especially have trouble taking care of themselves.

When we think about senior care services, we tend to think only about the process of helping elderly patients manage their health, assist them with basic cooking and cleaning needs, and sometimes driving them around town to doctors’ appointments, shopping, and other errands. However, senior care sometimes involves a more personal level of attention.

Your loved one, who may be reeling from the recent loss of his or her spouse, may keep his or her feelings bottled up. You may think that they are coping with this dramatic loss in a healthy and productive manner, but when they are alone, especially at night or during times of the day when they shared special moments with their spouse, the depression and sadness can set in.

The best way to help an elderly loved one deal with the loss of a spouse is to check in with them regularly. Invite them over to dinner more often than you would normally, invite them out on trips to the mall or other expeditions, and call them every day just to say hello. It is this connection with people around them, the loved ones that they still have in this world, that can help elderly individuals cope in a productive and healthy manner with the loss of a spouse.

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Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

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