Senior Care in Greenville, PA: Avoid Scams from All Angles

Even though elderly adults who are receiving senior care seem like they would be provided from a variety of bad things, many seniors are still victims of scams. Whether the scams come from the phone, the mail, or even a visitor to the front door, senior care service providers and their charges need to be alert to all of the angles.

Email from the Trapped Foreigner

Senior Care in Greenville, PAOne of the most common scams that seniors fall for on a regular basis is the email plea from foreigners who ask for money to help out a friend. In most cases the friend promises to repay the senior for his or her financial help. But, in all cases, this email is just scam that attempts to get into bank accounts and get social security numbers. As soon as any seniors see this email pop up in their inboxes, they should do two things. The first is to click the spam button to alert the email provider about this message and the second is to delete it.

Pay for a Sweepstakes Entry

Another way that many elderly people in senior care are being taken advantage of is through sweepstakes entry promises. These entries show up in the mail, online, and at the door. In any case where a senior is required to give money or buy something with a credit card or bank account deposit, seniors and their senior care providers should walk away and avoid paying anything to enter a sweepstakes. Some sweepstakes entries will offer thousands of dollars guaranteed as long as something is purchased or if money is donated. Most of the sweepstakes that require money to be spent are complete scams.

Impersonators Asking for Money

Seniors should also be very wary of people who come to the door to sell items or request money. Some people will wear uniforms to look like official police officers or fire fighters and then they will request money. It is never advisable to give money to someone at the door, even if they show you a piece of identification. Most seniors receiving senior care have no idea what a proper first responder identification badge would look like, so they are easy to scam. If seniors want to donate money to a first responder’s organization, they can mail it in to the headquarters instead of giving it to a stranger at the door.

Ask for Proof in Writing

Some other seniors have been scammed by companies that will impersonate utility company employees. These people will often call or use email. They might tell seniors in senior care that they are behind on paying their utility bills so that seniors will send cash or give a bank account number over the phone to pay for these bogus bills. Other companies will try to get seniors to switch to their alternative utility companies, even if the seniors do not want to do so. Seniors, who are in doubt, should always ask for information in writing or just tell the people to call their senior care service provider instead.

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