Senior Care in Hermitage, PA: Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

When the cold weather hits, many people’s minds turn to one thing: cold and flu season. At the same time every year it seems that everywhere you look someone is sniffling, coughing or sneezing. People joke it is an epidemic, but the reality is that colds and flus do pose a very serious health risk. This is especially true for seniors who are more susceptible to serious illness and can suffer much worse consequences from dealing with such illnesses. A very important part of providing the best senior care for your aging loved ones is making sure that they are well prepared to face the cold and flu season. With some preparation and ongoing attention, your aging loved ones can get through cold and flu season as safely as possible.

Senior Care in Hermitage, PAThe first thing to do to prepare for cold and flu season is to visit the doctor. Make sure that your senior is in the best health possible, and discuss any changes in medication or treatment options that need to be made in order to provide greater resistance to the cold and flu viruses. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of getting a flu vaccine if this is a safe option for your senior. If your loved one lives with you, it it will likely be recommended that every member of your family receive the vaccine in order to provide protection for the senior.

If you have a senior care provider in the home, it is important to discuss cold and flu season preparation with her as well. Make sure that she understands that any time that she doesn’t feel well at all, even if it is just a little bit of the sniffles or a headache, that she should not come in to work. Symptoms that are relatively mild in young and healthy people can result in devastating cases of the flu in seniors. Have a backup plan in place in the event that a senior care provider is not able to come to the home to make sure that your loved one continues to receive the care that he needs and a healthy environment.

Keeping the home clean is vital in all facets of senior care, but especially so during cold and flu season. Use a cleaner that offers germ killing power and regularly clean all services that are touched by any member of the family. Encourage frequent hand washing and the use of waterless hand sanitizer throughout the day. Make sure that family members and friends know that if they are feeling sick, or have a fever, they are not to get near the senior.

It is very important when providing senior care to an aging loved one during cold and flu season that you remain vigilant about that senior’s health. Keep track of his behavior and appearance, and make note if you mentioned any new symptoms. If it seems that he has developed a cold or the flu, make sure that he gets into the doctor as soon as possible. The earlier that such an illness is detected, the easier it will be to treat it effectively.

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