Senior Care in Mercer, PA: Downsize

Downsizing is something that most adults need to do at many points in their lives. When adults have children, they often fill their homes full of gear, toys, and knick-knacks. When adults are finished having babies and their children move into their teen years, many adults will downsize by removing the gear and toys that once filled their homes. Then, when those children grow up and move out of the home, adults need to downsize because they no longer need as much furniture, dishes, and food. Then, when the senior years arrive, downsizing often occurs again.

Easier Life by Living with Fewer Things

Senior Care in Mercer, PAOne of the most common forms of senior care downsizing occurs when seniors move from their homes into senior care service facilities. Whether they move into 55+ communities, assisted living centers, or nursing homes, seniors will need to get rid of many of their things. As seniors move through the final downsizing, they will do so with the idea of making things easier for their adult children who will need to take care of their belongings later in life. Elderly adults preparing for senior care services will often save the most important things, like jewelry, photographs, and family Bibles.

Items that are First to Go

During the last downsizing, clutter and unnecessary items are often the first to go. These things usually include extra televisions, furniture, and knick-knacks. Seniors moving into senior care service often do not need their own large sets of dishes, flatware, and kitchen gadgets, especially if they are moving into a facility that serves meals or they are moving into a relative’s home. If seniors are widows or widowers, they often will remove the large bed they shared with their spouses so they can buy a smaller bed that is easier to get in and out of each day.

Time to Reflect and Appreciate

Downsizing can be a positive event for many seniors who are moving on to a new stage of life. It provides an opportunity to reflect on a life that was lived well. Seniors also can appreciate the fact that their children grew up to be successful adults. They can also appreciate the fact that the seniors, themselves, are now able to move on and live a simpler life because of their hard work and dedication to family.

When Downsizing is a Challenge

For some seniors, downsizing is quite challenging. Some seniors ask that their children arrange for the event. When this is the case, there are few important things to consider. Adult children should ask their parents to provide them with a list of the things they want to keep. Then family members can pick through the remaining items. Everything that is left can go to charity, be sold at an estate sale, or be disposed of in another way. The family and the seniors will need to decide exactly what should be done, so that everyone is satisfied with the downsizing procedures.

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