Senior Care in Sharon PA: Why I Ignored My Father’s Alzheimer’s disease Signs and Symptoms?

It’s not easy to face the prospect of a loved one settling in for a long fight against an ultimately fatal disease, such as Alzheimer’s.  However, the earlier that it can be detected, the more you can do as a supportive family member to help your loved one with this battle, and to help find the best Alzheimer’s care possible.  For me, I ignored my father’s Alzheimer’s disease signs and symptoms for a long time, but I had a good reason for that.Senior Care Sharon PA

For starters, when someone you know and love, someone whom you’ve known for all of your life, like a parent, is beginning to show some signs of forgetfulness, or being unable to concentrate like he or she used to, you might pass it off as them just getting older.  That’s what I did when my father began to show those signs.

He had always had a pretty good memory as far as I knew, and also a stressful job.  My father was a high level executive with a small company and he’d been working there for about 10 years when I first noticed that he was forgetting some simple things.  In the beginning, it was just things that were going on around him, like my son’s baseball game, or a charity event that he were scheduled to attend.  I also noticed that he wasn’t paying attention to things that I was saying whenever we got together to have dinner, or go play golf.

I wrote it off as him being overwhelmed with work.  I joked about it with him, and while he laughed a bit at the idea, looking back now, I think he realized that something was different.  It was like he knew that he should know or remember something, but he just couldn’t.

I just ignored that sign, because I couldn’t imagine that he would be diagnosed someday with Alzheimer’s.  As time marched on, I visited him one day and noticed some bills that were sitting in the corner of his kitchen counter.  They hadn’t been paid. He couldn’t remember if he paid them, but I checked and he didn’t.  When I noticed a brand new sports car in his garage, something that lacked judgment, I knew something was wrong.  That’s when I took him to the doctor and found out that he had Alzheimer’s.

While there are things that I can still do for him with the right Alzheimer’s care, if I had been paying attention sooner, I might have been able to provide better support sooner, which could have slowed the progression of the disease.

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