Senior Care in West Middlesex, PA – How Can Alzheimer’s Caregivers Protect Themselves from Burnout?

Burnout comes to caregivers as a result of too much built-up stress related to the very demanding job of caregiving. Family caregivers and caregivers employed by senior care services are both susceptible to burnout if stress is not treated properly.

What are some of the signs of caregiver burnout?

  • Healthcare needs of the caregiver increase because of lowered levels of immunity.
  • Overall feeling of not caring about important aspects of life.
  • Feelings of incessant tension and debilitating stress.
  • The heaviness of discouragement and depression.
  • Anger and episodes of acute irritability toward the patient with Alzheimer’s.
  • Social isolation and problems in relationships.
  • Feelings of exhaustion and that there is nothing left to give; everything is used up.

Senior Care in West Middlesex, PAWhat strategies can caregivers use to protect themselves from burnout due to Alzheimer’s patient care?

Protection from stress and burnout is important. Caregivers serve a very crucial role in humanity and can anyone really imagine what the world would be like without anyone willing to be a caregiver? How scary would that be to grow old knowing that there would be no caregivers? It is a formidable thought.

Therefore, it makes sense that a great deal of attention and concern is placed on protecting caregivers and finding ways to give them care and teaching them how to take care of themselves.

Planning ahead to protect the caregiver:

  • Scheduling a little physical exercise routines scattered throughout the day. Regular exercise helps to release endorphins which promote happiness. The session doesn’t have to be long, even 10 minutes. Dancing to favorite tunes, working out to a DVD, short walks or jogs, etc. are all good ways to energize.
  • Looking for the bright or funny side of things. It’s well-known that humor battles stress and can also win out over boredom and sadness. Large laughs are the best, the roll on the floor laughing types of humor. Laughing in front of the Alzheimer’s patient is good too, because humor is infectious. (As long as they know the laugh isn’t directed at them.)
  • Accepting help when it’s offered and asking for it when needed. Joining a support group and seeking professional help are also viable and effective options.
  • Taking time to reflect and think clearly.
  • Keeping a daily journal so that experiences can be recorded and “download” the stress. It’s just as good as having someone to talk to.
  • Thinking of blessings and things one is grateful for can improve emotions and promote happiness.

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