Choosing a Healthier Spin during Country Cooking Month

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June is Country Cooking Month, a time to celebrate all of the comforting, filling, and delicious meals that come out of this style of cooking. No matter how tasty and satisfying, however, it is hard Senior-Care-in-Wilmington-PAto escape the fact that country cooking has a bad reputation for being unhealthy. If you parent is on a senior care journey, it is likely that they are looking for ways to make their meals better for them, but that does not meant that they need to sacrifice the flavors that they love.

Often people use cooking techniques and ingredients because they “think they should” or it is just the way that it has always been. Fortunately you can make easy swaps that will cut down on fat, calories, cholesterol, and sodium without sacrificing any of that wonderful flavor. Encourage your parent to experiment with some of these techniques and their favorite recipes with their elderly health care services provider and see just how delicious eating healthier can really be.


  • Cut the salt. Replace salt with lemon or lime to cut down on sodium consumption. It can be difficult sometimes to measure just how much sodium is in your meals, which is why it is important to reduce the consumption of sodium where you can, like replacing some of it with a squeeze of lime, lemon or even some chopped up fresh herbs. Choosing “no salt added” versions of canned tomatoes, broth and beans will help keep the sodium content from inflating as well.
  • Reduce cholesterol and fat from eggs. In place of whole eggs, use 2 egg whites. While a whole egg has 54 calories and 5 grams of fat just in the egg yolk, an egg white has zero fat and only 16 calories. Using 2 egg whites will substitute for almost any recipe with eggs and reduce both calories and fat easily.
  • Trim the oil. Using less oil is also an easy way to reduce calories while cooking. Even canola oil and extra virgin olive oil can pack around 120 calories for every tablespoon, so by reducing the amount of oil in any recipe you can cut calories dramatically. Reducing it as a topping for salads or sautés is easy enough, but also try to reduce how much is used in skillets on the stovetop, using just enough to keep whatever is being cooked from sticking.
  • Choose the right oil. Use canola oil or olive oil instead of butter as much as possible to reduce saturated fat. On top of being delicious, olive oil contains seven times less saturated fat tablespoon for tablespoon than butter. Replacing just half of the butter called for in most recipes with olive oil can cut the fat content into pieces and still be delicious.
  • Bump up the grains. Adding whole grains like brown rice or bulgur, or diced up vegetables like peppers and mushrooms, to ground meat dishes is a great way to up the flavor without upping the portion size or adding cheese or butter. Plus, adding them is a great way to get more vegetables and grains into a regular diet, and adding 1 cup of cooked grains or diced vegetables to every pound of ground meat cooked can really help cut down on extra toppings that can sometimes be heavy in saturated fats and calories.


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