Eye Health in Senior Care in Wilmington, PA

Eye care is an important consideration for all people. If you are a care provider for an aging loved one, it is critical that you make eye health an important element of your senior care plan. It is estimated that 20 percent of senior Americans have moderate to serious problems with their eyes, and these problems have the potential of getting much worse with age. Supporting strong senior eye health relies on attentive preventative care so that any issues that due arise can be addressed promptly and effectively. It is recommended that adults under the age of 65 get comprehensive eye health checks at least every two years and that seniors increase these checks to at least once per year. Individual situations such as eye disease or some medical concerns that can contribute to eye health problems such as diabetes may necessitate more frequent visits to the eye doctor.

Senior Care in Wilmington, PAWhen it comes to these visits, make sure that your loved one expresses any concerns that he may be having related to his eye health, such as blurring vision or chronic pain. If your loved one is coping with cognitive challenges or other problems that may make it difficult to communicate problems with the doctor, your role in this element of senior care will be to communicate in his place.

Make sure that you pay close attention to your aging loved one’s eyes and schedule a visit with the eye doctor if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Chronic, painful dryness
  • Decreased peripheral vision
  • Blurring or distortion
  • Increased sensitivity to light or changing ability to perceive changing in light
  • Seeing spots or “floaters” which look like objects floating in the field of vision
  • Infection, redness, swelling or discoloration
  • An appearance of dullness
  • Drooping in one or both eyes
  • Fading of the colored portion of the eye.

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