Senior Care Issues: Home Maintenance and Car Maintenance. A Home Care Companion Can Help with Reminders

For many seniors, tasks that used to be second nature such as home and car maintenance may become difficult or even slip their minds. This can result in a home or car that is not well taken care of and could end up being dangerous. Mobility issues and memory loss may cause your aging loved one to put off doing things such as mowing the lawn, having the roof fixed, painting a home, having oil in the car changed or making sure that the tires have the proper air pressure. These can all seem like very minor things in the beginning, but they can eventually worsen to create unsightly and dangerous situations. This doesn’t mean that your loved one can’t handle owning a home or car, it simply means that they may need help keeping up with them.

A home care companion can be a valuable asset in many aspects of your aging loved one’s life. A companion doesn’t just have to be the person that comes to the home and makes sure that a senior is out of bed, bathed, dressed and ready for their day. A home care companion can be a fantastic resource for reminders about responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Some of the things that a home care companion can remind your aging loved one about include:

• Mowing the lawn and other lawn care. If your loved one is not able to handle these tasks on his own, the home care companion can help to arrange services to take care of them for him.

• Having the house painted and any damages repaired.

• Making sure that the oil in your loved one’s car is changed on a regular basis.

• Addressing problems with the car such as flat tires

A home care companion can also offer valuable reminders for preparing your loved one’s home and car for the different seasons of the year. This includes things such as:

• Ensuring that all of the fluids are at the right level in the car.

• Preparing for the winterization of tires.

• Making sure that the air conditioning and heating systems are in functional order.

• Creating supply kits to keep within the home and car in the events of emergencies. These kits should include things such as nonperishable food, water, blankets and batteries.

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