Senior Care Wilmington PA: Enjoying Family Time- Activities that Both Seniors and Grandchildren Can Enjoy in the Winter

In-home senior care has several advantages.  It is more effective and less expensive.  Needless to say, many families now prefer to have their elderly parents live with them, instead of sending them to a senior care home.  The elderly who receive senior care at home can engage in several activities with their grandchildren.  This improves their overall sense of well-being, and reduces their stress levels.

Your grandchildren may be busy with their cellphones and video games; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t encourage them to do non-technical activities with you.  Kids love to learn new skills and they also want to find out more about their family history.

When grandparents, and grandchildren engage in fun activities together, they develop a special bond between them.

Here are some activities to keep you and your grandkids busy:

  • Play silly charades with them

Start a game of charades, but make it wacky.  Cards, for example, can be filled out with unconventional suggestions.  Take turns drawing or writing the cards.

  • Look at some baby books

Find the baby books of their parents.  Children like to know what their parents did, or how they behaved when they were kids.   Talk about their dad’s or mom’s first word, or anything funny or naughty that they said, or did.

  • Hit the kitchen

Kids like to get involved in activities that are usually performed by adults. These include cooking and baking.  Such activities also give you an opportunity to teach them about your family’s history, and traditions. Better still, activities like these teach the children to develop patience, and follow instructions.

  • Introduce them to old games

Use cocktail stirrers to show them how they can play pickup sticks, or grab a piece of chalk to teach them hopscotch.

  • Make a video

Dance with your kids but don’t forget to capture those moments with a smartphone, or camera.  It may be fun to record the moment, and watch later.   Children enjoy these sorts of activities.  It doesn’t matter how you spend time with the kids.  What’s important is making it enjoyable for both of you.

  • Give each other a manicure

Give your grandchild a manicure, and ask him or her to give you one.  You may also experiment with a new hairstyle or pedicure.  Not just teenagers, elementary school children also like to apply make-up.  Visit your nearest drug store, pick up some nail polish and nail file and polish remover. Experiment with different colors.

  • Let them see your prized possessions

You probably have a fancy dress hanging in your closet, or you might have bought a pair of high-heeled shoes that you never wore.  Let your grandkids see and wear them.

You don’t have to depend on senior care professionals for some entertainment and fun.  Get along with your grandkids and have the time of your life – everyday!

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About Robert Devine

Robert Devine is Owner and Administrator at Caregivers Plus Home Health Care of Hermitage, PA.

Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

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