Three Ways for Seniors Receiving Elderly Care to Reduce Debt

Senior Care in Sharpsville PA Unfortunately for seniors, when it comes to debt the news isn’t good. In 2013, 61.3 percent of homes where the head of the household was someone 60 or older had debt of some kind. The average total debt for these households was $40,900. This can be especially bad news for […]

How Seniors can Easily De-clutter their Home

Senior Care in Sharpsville PA Throughout a person’s lifetime, they will acquire a number of different possessions. While having a home full of things can be anesthetically pleasing in some cases, too much stuff can also create safety issues as a person gets older. Having stuff cluttering the walkways of a home can be dangerous for both the […]

The Risks of Ignoring Depression in One Who Relies on Senior Care near Sharpsville PA!

“ A Daughter noticing changes in her mother’s mood near Sharpsville PA” Janice had been widowed for more than ten years when she began to have some trouble getting around the house.  Her daughter, Melanie, had kept urging her to consider moving into an assisted living community, but she wouldn’t even think about it; she […]

Senior Care in Sharpsville, PA: How to Help Seniors After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people along the east coast of the United States. Everyone suffers when a natural disaster strikes, but seniors are highly vulnerable in these situations. Senior care is vital during this time. Finding ways that you can help can be as simple as making a donation or cooking a meal. […]

Senior Care in Sharpsville, PA: August is National Immunization Month- The Importance of Flu Shots for Seniors

Immunizations are essential for prevention against serious life-threatening infections and diseases. Many illnesses are contagious and can cause serious complications. Influenza is an illness that affects the respiratory system and individuals that catch the flu viruses can develop symptoms that range from mild to severe. Severe complications from the flu can lead to serious health […]