Choosing a Healthier Spin during Country Cooking Month

Senior Care in Wilmington PA June is Country Cooking Month, a time to celebrate all of the comforting, filling, and delicious meals that come out of this style of cooking. No matter how tasty and satisfying, however, it is hard to escape the fact that country cooking has a bad reputation for being unhealthy. If […]

Do You Worry about Your Senior Parent’s Safety?

8 Tips to Improve Senior Home Safety Wilmington, PA Keeping a senior safe at home is important, no matter what assistance he or she may require getting around, doing certain activities, or with anything else. Below are 8 great tips that can improve overall senior home safety (and some of these tips are also good […]

Does Fishing and Senior Care Mix near Wilmington, PA?

“One Father and Son’s Different Opinions on Going Fishing near Wilmington, PA” One of the fondest memories that I have throughout my life was when my son and I would go fishing. Those days are long behind me, like New York in the rearview mirror as I crossed the Mississippi River on a road trip, […]

Senior Care Wilmington PA: Enjoying Family Time- Activities that Both Seniors and Grandchildren Can Enjoy in the Winter

In-home senior care has several advantages.  It is more effective and less expensive.  Needless to say, many families now prefer to have their elderly parents live with them, instead of sending them to a senior care home.  The elderly who receive senior care at home can engage in several activities with their grandchildren.  This improves […]

Eye Health in Senior Care in Wilmington, PA

Eye care is an important consideration for all people. If you are a care provider for an aging loved one, it is critical that you make eye health an important element of your senior care plan. It is estimated that 20 percent of senior Americans have moderate to serious problems with their eyes, and these […]