Two Warning Signs that the Caregiver in Sharpsville PA You Hired Isn’t Working Out!

While it would be great to have the caregiver that you hired for your father be the perfect fit, just like in any relationship, there needs to be the right chemistry. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things just don’t work out the way that we want them to.  So if you are feeling as though the home care provider that you hired to care for your father isn’t working out, you need to contact the agency that placed him, or her,and discuss it, or if it is an independent contractor, you should sit down with them as soon as possible.Caregiver Sharpsville PA

So, what could be two possible warning signs that something is wrong with the professional, working relationship?

The first one is that there is neglect or abuse.  While your loved one may be good at hiding the potential neglect or abuse, you should make sure that you pay attention to some of the signs that could indicate this is going on.  The first thing that you might notice is your loved one withdrawing, or not talking as much with you when you visit. He or she may also treat the caregiver with some apprehension, or be uncomfortable when they are in the same room together.

If you suspect any type of abuse or neglect, be sure to speak to your loved one as soon as possible.  Find out how they are being treated, determine whether they show any signs of neglect or abuse, and if you suspect any of this, speak to the caregiver directly, and then contact the agency.

The second sign that the caregiver you hired isn’t working out is that they show up late, leave early, or don’t show up at all.  Even though your loved one may be able to manage his or her own care well, that doesn’t mean the home care provider can just show up whenever he or she feels like it.  Even if an insurance company is reimbursing for the care, that doesn’t warrant lackadaisical care.

If you suspect that the caregiver whom you hired isn’t working out, the best thing to do is first sit down with them, and talk about the issues at hand.  If you can’t resolve them in this manner, contact the agency, if one placed them.  If you have evidence of abuse or another crime, contact the authorities immediately.

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