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What our customers are saying

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help regarding my sister. I especially wanted to let you know that Jenna was a godsend. She always put my sister first and did all that was asked of her. She had to put up with some challenging situations but did it with professionalism (and sometimes humor) which helped us so much with my sister's care. Her next clients will be in such good hands and I am really going to miss talking to her. Again, thank you all. Your agency provides a wonderful service to the people who need so much."

- D.S. - A client's sister

This is not a Thank you it’s a FINALLY

FINALLY an agency that listens.

FINALLY an agency that has standards of its employees.

FINALLY an agency that wants to know how to best service your loved ones.

FINALLY an agency that wants to exceed your expectations!

FINALLY an agency that will educate you on care giving.

FINALLY an agency that wants to work just as hard as you do to keep your loved one in their home.

FINALLY an agency that made me their “Raving Fan!!!!!”

Alena is honest, tenacious and caring!!

I must have called her at least 6 times a day , for several weeks before even hiring Care Givers Plus.

Alena said “Even if you don’t hire us, make sure you ask every agency these questions!” Alena worked tirelessly to find the right caregiver for my Grandpa! She even went as far as saying “I know it’s taking us a little longer than anticipated to find someone. I understand if you have to go another direction, but I will continue my search for your Grandpa!” Alena was so understanding of our urgency that she was even willing to loose our business because it would be better for our family’s time frames! BUT we decided to WAIT for Care Givers Plus? Why….Why wait when you have an almost 90 year old Grandpa wanting to go home from a nursing home?????? We waited because we knew that once Alena found the right person, that we would never have to consider another nursing home. Because I knew we would have a agency that would work with us to make his last wish to be home a reality!!! My family did not choose to have our Grandpa in a nursing home, he choose to be there thinking it was his only option after falling many times in his home. When he learned that he had the option for in home care instead of a nursing home he cried!!!!This process is hard! It takes a lot of work but if you want an agency that makes things easy and is above the standards of regular care giving, choose Care Givers Plus!!!! Alena, this may be your job!!!!! But from the depths of my heart, thank you for treating me like family!!!

Angela - Client Family Member

Dear Alena,

I would like to take a moment and personally thank you, Robert and the entire staff at CareGivers Plus for the outstanding care and treatment of my father since his arrival back home. After my dad’s serious fall and subsequent traumatic brain injury in 2016 my life, for nearly 14 months, was consumed with his treatment and care. In the winter of 2016/17, while he was in a long-term care facility, I began the process of transitioning him back to his home. As can be expected during this time (which people seldom prepare for), I had many worries and concerns about how this would all work after never having to go through this process.

Knowing my father, and what his new post-injury life would consist of, I knew this could possibly present multiple issues like how he would accept others in his home? Would they get to know him as a person? His personality, his likes and dislikes? How would he get his meals? Would I have to hire another company to prepare his meals? Would I need to hire a cleaning company? Would I need to schedule weekly nursing services as well? And the list goes on. So many unknowns as I began this arduous process. However, after strong recommendations and extensive research, I selected your company. I’ve made a great deal of decisions in my life, both personally and professionally, but selecting CareGivers Plus Home Health Care for the care of my father will rank as one of my best ever. All of my questions, concerns and worries were quickly erased because of the services you’re you company, and specifically, your wonderful team provides. Your caring and compassionate caregivers quickly took ownership of getting to know my father and his home environment and making him feel . . . well, at home. Their light duty cleaning and fantastic meal preparation has been exceptional, and again, removed initial concerns and worries. Additionally, with Mr. Devine being a nurse, I do not even have to worry about that need as he visits with my dad once a week! Your organization is truly a one-stop home health care agency which has given me a majority of my life back! And for this, I am truly indebted. 

A.G. - Client Family Member

In 2009, my dad became ill and was in need of caregivers…we had no idea where to turn and Caregivers Plus in Hermitage was recommended to us. The care and compassion that was shown to my father during this time was far beyond anything we would have imagined. There was never a problem with anything that we needed to change or any questions that needed to be answered in relation to my dad’s care. There was always an open communication between the caregiver, the office and our family. When my dad passed, one of the first persons that we called was our caregiver, Mary. She has become such a part of our family and continues to be.

In 2011, my mom became ill and immediately we called Caregivers Plus. Again the care and compassion toward my mom is wonderful. The communication among all of us is also great. Due my mother’s diagnosis, we had to change days and times of days for the caregiver and without the blink of an eye, it was done.I would recommend Caregivers Plus in Hermitage to anyone in need. They are a very warm and friendly group of people and we really feel they are a part of our extended family. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts…

Donna- Client Family Member

I have been with CareGivers Plus for the past 15 years. The aides are very caring and so kind to me. I am in a wheelchair and cannot do much of anything for myself. The aides cook, clean, assist with my bathing and dressing, grocery shopping and also accompany me to the doctors and my physical therapy appointments. I look forward to them coming daily. CareGivers Plus treats me with respect. I am very happy and well taken care of by their staff.

Arlene- Client of CareGivers PLus

I am a typical elderly female who is partially disabled and living alone who requires a little help. The caregivers you have sent me have met my needs skillfully. Almost equally rewarding are the opportunities for socialization during the visit. I look forward to her weekly visits as I would that of an old friend. I must congratulate Caregivers Plus for your management skills in hiring personnel well suited to the needs of the public you serve.

Vivian - Client of CareGivers Plus

We have been very fortunate to have had Care Givers Plus for my mother the past four years. They have qualified care givers, are very dependable and readily adjust the schedules to meet our needs. Thanks to all of you

The "B" Family- Client of CareGivers Plus

We are very pleased with our caregiver Ada from Caregivers Plus. She is great with my husband and our family. She does a great job, we like her very much.

Nancy - Client Family Member

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